January 28, 2023


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Toyota Raize vs Kia Stonic: Which is better?

The crossover market in the Philippines has never ceased to be vibrant. The strong competition between auto brands is always burning and shows no sign of stopping. Recently, two car lines, Toyota Raize and Kia Stonic are competing fiercely with each other, making users not know how to choose. Toyota Raize vs Kia Stonic: Which is better? Refer to the analysis and comparison of Philketso below to make the best choice!

Toyota Raize vs Kia Stonic: Decisive battle

Toyota Raize vs Kia Stonic

Debuting as Kia’s most affordable model in the SUV lineup, the Kia Stonic is one of the premium quality SUVs/crossovers in Kia’s global portfolio. Located below the Seltos, the Kia Stonic was offered in a total of two different variants Manual and Automatic. Kia Stonic price Philippines colors come in six color options Prime Red, Extreme Blue, Clear White, Flame Orange with Black, Flash Yellow with Black, and White with Black.

The Kia Stonic is currently one of the oldest-looking cars in Kia’s lineup, as it misses out on the latest design philosophies Kia has been implementing for its all-new generations of SUVs. me. Still, the Kia Stonic still looks handsome, thanks to its decent proportions and dimensions.

In contrast, Toyota Raize is a completely new car model, located in a very new segment SUV / crossover class A +. It is designed to be quite compact but has a special high ground clearance. You can find 4 different variants of the Toyota Raize.

Toyota Raize has all 6 color options including Silver Metallic, White Pearl SE Black, Yellow SE Black, Gray Metallic, Red, and Turquoise Mica Metallic.

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Toyota Raize vs Kia Stonic: What’s the difference?

These two crossovers have many differences in exterior, engine to interior design. Below will be our detailed analysis.

Exterior Toyota Raize vs Kia Stonic

Toyota Raize size comparison with Kia Stonic

Toyota Raize size comparison with Kia Stonic we will see that Toyota Raize seems smaller in both length and width. However, Kia Stonic has a rather modest ground clearance. Specifically:

As for the Toyota Raize 1.0 Turbo CVT, measures 4,030mm long, 1,710mm wide, and 1,605mm tall. It also has a ground clearance of 200mm and a wheelbase of 2,525mm. In contrast, the size of the Kia Stonic seems to be more spacious at 4,100mm long, 1,735mm wide, and 1,533mm high. Then it has a wheelbase of 2,570mm and a ground clearance of 185mm.

Exterior equipment is also different when Toyota offers LED headlights while Kia does not. Instead of LED headlights, the Stonic has an accompanying rail on the roof, while the Raize does not. Toyota Raize is also equipped with a set of electric folding rearview mirrors, but Kia is only an electric rearview mirror. In addition to equipment, the wheel size of the Kia Stonic is 16 inches smaller than Toyota Raize (17 inches).

Toyota Raize vs Kia Stonic: Interior

Both Toyota Raize and Kia Stonic provide enough space for up to 5 people to sit. However, the trunk of the Raize seems to be larger when it can carry a maximum of 369 liters of cargo space while the Kia can only carry 352 liters.

For comfort in the car, both are equipped with air conditioning that can be adjusted by hand or button. However, the Toyota Raize uses digital gauges while the other Stonic uses conventional gauges with a central display in the front area.

The space inside the two cars is quite comfortable and fully equipped with modern equipment. Although the Toyota Raize is a bit better, we need to consider more about the engine and price.

Toyota Raize vs Kia Stonic: Engine and performance

Toyota Raize 2022 uses a D-CVT stepless automatic transmission with 7 virtual gears

The Kia Stonic has a standard 1.4-litre four-cylinder naturally aspirated petrol engine under the hood. This engine produces a maximum capacity of 95 PS with a 5-speed manual transmission in the manual variant and 100 PS with a 6-speed gearbox in the automatic variant.

With both gearbox options, maximum torque capacity reaches 132 Nm. Stonic is equipped with a 1368cc 4-cylinder Gasoline engine, producing 94 horsepower and 132 Nm of torque. It comes with 5-speed manual and 6-speed automatic transmission options.

Although Raize’s 1.0L turbocharged engine is advertised as having the same power as the 1.5L naturally aspirated engine, in fact, it only produces a maximum capacity of 98 horsepower and maximum torque of 140Nm. Driving the actual Toyota Raize experience, we can confirm that this A+ Turbo 1.0L SUV is not weak. Raize’s acceleration is impressive and surprised us.

Toyota Raize 2022 uses a D-CVT stepless automatic transmission with 7 virtual gears. The reason Raize does not suffer from Turbo lag is partly due to the engine, but the gearbox also contributes a lot. Because in addition to a belt and pulley mechanism for transmission, as usual, the D-CVT gearbox on the Raize is also equipped with another set of transmission gears.

In short, the Raize’s smaller inline-3 turbo engine matches the Stonic’s larger 1.4-liter inline-4 when it comes to horsepower. As for torque, the turbocharged model of the Raize can produce a bit more. Then again, variants of the 1.2-litre Raize lag slightly behind the Kia model’s engine.

Compare safety

In terms of safety, both the Toyota Raize 1.0 Turbo and Kia Stonic EX come standard with anti-lock braking with electronic brake force distribution, stability control, hill start assist, ISOFIX child seat anchors, security alarm, etc.

However, the most advanced Raize has six airbags while the Stonic EX is equipped with two. The Raize 1.0 Turbo also features a number of driver assistance technologies not found on the Stonic EX.


Compare prices

The Toyota Raize has a higher price tag than the other Stonic as its variants all start at Php 746,000. You can compare the prices of these two models and their variants below:

Toyota Raize vs Kia Stonic: Which one should you choose?

Toyota model will be more expensive in some variants

When it comes to car features, the Toyota Raize actually offers more features than the Kia Stonic. However, if the price is included, the Toyota model will be more expensive in some variants due to the integration of high technology.

Raize is said to have more flavor so its slightly higher price tag is perfectly reasonable. The more affordable Kia Stonic has fewer features, but it’s enough to serve the needs of a family car.

Deciding which car to choose completely depends on the purpose of use as well as the budget you have. If you have more requirements for a car and are willing to spend a fair amount of money then you should choose the Toyota Raize. On the contrary, with normal user needs and a moderate budget, Kia Stonic is a great choice.

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