January 28, 2023


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Toyota Hilux vs Ford Ranger – which one is suitable for you?

Buying a car in the Philippines nowadays is extremely challenging because of the increasing demand of locals. People have more choices when it comes to choosing a car. Therefore, many rivalries like Toyota and Ford are having fierce competition in this growing market.

Both automakers offer powerful and superior cars. However, two clear teams have appeared: Toyota Hilux vs Ford Ranger. Let’s delve further and see why these two pickups are so contentious and popular.

Comparison between Toyota Hilux vs Ford Ranger

Price of Toyota Hilux vs Ford Ranger

The first thing to compare is the price. While the Toyota Hilux price is ranging from 842,000 to 2,005,000 Php, the Ford ranger price 2022 is far more expensive, namely ₱1.198 1.875 Million for a car.

Compared to the price, it is easy to see that Toyota Hilux price is more reasonable. Therefore, if you intend to choose a car at an affordable price, the Toyota will definitely win this round.

Toyota Hilux vs Ford Ranger: Exterior Comparison

Currently, Hilux is in the top position as the pickup truck with the highest ground clearance of 310mm. The wheelbase is 3085mm, while the length x width x height is: 5330 x 1855 x 1815 mm, respectively.

With a ground clearance index of 200m, the Ranger pickup only trails the Hilux in this category. And all parameters in terms of wheelbase and size are marginally better. With a wheelbase of 3200mm and length x width x height is 5326x1860x1830mm, Ranger is still top of pickup trucks since it has a more impressive front-end design with a large and quite sophisticated grille. In the middle is a very sturdy crossbar. This horizontal bar is also chosen as a fulcrum to make the Ford logo in the center more attractive.

While Ranger is extremely sturdy under the design standards of off-road vehicles, the Hilux is more sophisticated with an exquisite honeycomb design.

Toyota Hilux is more sophisticated with an exquisite honeycomb design

Toyota Hilux vs Ford Ranger: Interior Comparison

The Furniture

In the most advanced versions of Hilux and Ranger, the seats are designed with extremely luxurious leather. In the lower version, the seats are covered with felt. The rear seat of the Ranger has been fixed by the manufacturer. And the Hilux can adjust the tilt to 60:40.

Hilux’s tapalo board is designed in a very stylish, sporty way. Meanwhile, Ranger has a central control cluster, polished with meticulous lines. Hilux has a 3-spoke steering wheel design, while Ranger is a 4-spoke. All are fully integrated with adjustment buttons to bring convenience to the driver when there is a need to use them.

Toyota Hilux Interior has an instrument cluster designed with 2 rings on both sides and a screen in the middle position. And Ranger is a screen on both sides and a clock in the middle position, which creates unique experiences.

The Utility

Comparing these two cars shows Hilux has an E-version entertainment system including 4 speakers and a CD player with USB and Bluetooth connectivity. The mid-range version is upgraded with up to 6 audio speakers and the high-end version of the Toyota Hilux is a DVD player, and a 7-inch multi-function touch screen.

Ranger has a voice-controlled SYNC entertainment system with a hands-free phone connection. Along with that is an 8-inch smart touch screen with Android and Apple Carplay integration.

Toyota Hilux vs Ford Ranger is different in interior

Toyota Hilux vs Ford Ranger: Engine Comparison

When it comes to the engine, both cars offer drivers strong and high-quality systems. However, Ranger wins this round since it is provided with 3 types of engines, each of which can have a capacity of 213 horsepower at 3750 rpm.

Regarding the engine, the Ranger is somewhat superior. Ford Ranger engine is undeniably the best in the pickup segment so far.

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Toyota Hilux vs Ford Ranger: Safety Comparison

Toyota Hilux provides:

  • Anti-lock braking system ABS
  • Emergency brake assist system BA
  • The electronic body stabilization system
  • Active traction control system
  • Hill start assist system
  • Cruise control
  • 7 airbags
  • Child safety seat hook
  • A structural chair reduces neck injury
  • Reverse camera in the premium version

And Ford Ranger has:

  • Anti-lock braking system ABS
  • Electronic brake force distribution system EBD
  • Electronic balancing system ASC
  • Traction control system
  • Cruise control system
  • Collision warning technology
  • Reversing camera
  • Front and rear parking sensors
  • Besides, Ranger has an impressive design of 6 airbags, lane departure warnings, and parallel parking support.


Based on the significant changes that Hilux has brought in recent years, this is also a version that deserves everyone’s attention and attention. Compared to the common ground, both versions have impressive advantages, extremely durable operation, and competitive prices. However, Ford seems to be superior with an extremely powerful engine and high-quality safety system.

Hopefully, the above comparisons of Toyota Hilux vs Ford Ranger have partly helped customers make the most useful choices for them.

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