January 28, 2023


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Toyota Fortuner vs Nissan Terra: Which one should I choose?

The car market in the Philippines is always vibrant and full of innovation. There are many similar car models that make it difficult for buyers to choose the right product. Toyota Fortuner and Nissan Terra are two models that are attracting a lot of attention today. Toyota Fortuner vs Nissan Terra Philippines: Which one should I choose? Follow our comparison below to see which vehicle is better for you. From there, make the best decision!

Overview of Toyota Fortuner and Nissan Terra

Toyota Fortuner vs Nissan Terra

Toyota Fortuner is a model that has been present in the Philippines for a long time and soon became the best-selling model in the D-class SUV segment. Compared to an “old man” like Fortuner, Nissan Terra is considered a “rookie”. entering the market quite late.

Besides, the Toyota Fortuner model in the market is also very innovative when it has just launched the new version 2022 in the second half of 2021. Meanwhile, the new Nissan Terra version is still unknown to many people. Although there are many losses compared to Toyota Fortuner, the Nissan Terra model still has outstanding advantages to be able to compete with rivals.

Toyota Fortuner vs Nissan Terra: What’s the difference?

Toyota Fortuner vs Nissan Terra

To make the most accurate choice, we need to conduct a comparison between the two models to know which model is more suitable. Our comparisons below will help you get the most accurate views!


Exterior Comparison

The appearance of both models is different, you can clearly see that in the shares below:


The Nissan Terra has a slightly larger overall size than the Toyota Fortuner (10 mm longer and wider), and Terra’s wheelbase is also 105 mm larger. However, the car has a rather small turning radius, only 4.8 m, this is an advantage to help Nissan Terra move more flexibly in urban areas.

In contrast, Toyota Fortuner is shown to be a true SUV with a ground clearance of up to 279 mm (54 mm larger than the Terra). Both models use 17-18 inch alloy wheels. The weight of these two models is not much different.

Exterior equipment

In general, both models have modern exterior equipment such as LED front / rear lights, automatic light control system, rearview mirrors with electric folding/adjustment, and integrated turn signals, … Some more outstanding equipment on Toyota Fortuner 2022 include Balanced projection angle, waiting light mode for navigation.


Regarding the design of both models, which have their own characteristics, Toyota Fortuner has a new design that is softer but no less sporty. Meanwhile, Nissan Terra is built on a body-on-frame chassis inherited from the Nissan Navara pickup line, so the car always creates a strong and strong feeling.

The luxurious Fortuner head with sharp lines and the grille are divided into 2 separate floors. On the other side, Nissan Terra stands out with the familiar chrome-plated 3D V-Motion grille “bold” Nissan. Both models have seamless headlights with grille clusters and sharp designs with their own characteristics.

Compare the interior Toyota Fortuner 2022 and Nissan Terra 2022

In terms of interior equipment, the two models have similarities with spacious interior space, leather seats and steering wheel, 8-way power driver’s seat, 2-zone automatic climate control, and anti-lock rearview mirror. automatic glare, 6-speaker sound system,…

The highlight of the Toyota Fortuner is that it is equipped with gearshift paddles and an 8-way electric front passenger seat, while the Nissan Terra is equipped with an automatic rear trunk.

In addition, the interior design of the Toyota Fortuner is considered more modern. Meanwhile, Nissan Terra is somewhat simple, and practical, and does not have the luxury feel it should have. Especially the steering wheel part of Terra is considered to have a design that is not masculine, and not suitable for the general style.

Nissan Terra is built on a body-on-frame chassis inherited from the Nissan Navara pickup line

Comparison of engine and operation

Toyota Fortuner 2.4AT 4×2 version uses a Diesel engine

Toyota Fortuner 2.4AT 4×2 version uses a Diesel engine, 2.4L capacity for 147 horsepower capacity, and 450 Nm torque combined with 6-speed automatic transmission and 2 rear-wheel drive system.

Contrary to Fortuner 2.4AT 4×2, Nissan Terra only has a diesel engine in the standard manual version. Nissan Terra V version uses a QR25 petrol engine, 2.5L capacity, the capacity of 169 horsepower, and a torque of 241 Nm with 7-speed automatic transmission and a part-time 2-wheel drive system with electric bridge function. death.

In general, each engine has its own advantages, but the Terra is slightly better in the 7-speed gearbox and 2-wheel drive system than the version of the same price on the Fortuner side. In contrast, the Fortuner model is always rated as the leading fuel economy in the segment, not only the diesel versions but also the petrol versions of Fortuner also have relatively low fuel consumption compared to other models. competitor.

In addition, the front and rear brakes of Fortuner are also more prominent, including front disc brakes and rear disc brakes. Meanwhile, on Terra, only front disc brakes and drum rear brakes are used.

Price comparison

Comparing Toyota Fortuner 2022 and Nissan Terra 2022 in terms of price, there is a big difference. Except for Fortuner manual version priced at ₱1.71 Million, the remaining versions of the Toyota Fortuner all have quite high list prices. Meanwhile, the highest price of Nissan Terra is the V version with a list price of ₱1,664 Million.

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Toyota Fortuner vs Nissan Terra: which one to choose?

Toyota Fortuner vs Nissan Terra

In general, both models have solid chassis, smooth suspension, good balance, durable performance, and modern equipment, each model has its own outstanding advantages.

Nissan Terra is suitable for those who have high requirements for safety features, smooth operation, quick response, and practical equipment. Meanwhile, Toyota Fortuner excels in interior and exterior design, comfort, economical operating costs and good brand name, high resale value.

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