January 28, 2023


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Suzuki Ertiga vs Honda Mobilio: A Brief Comparison

The MPVs market is developing rapidly, especially in the Philippines where people often purchase vehicles for household purposes. To suit the needs of customers, new MPVs continuously appear in the market. Suzuki Ertiga and Honda Mobilio are two of the most popular MPVs there. Many might wonder which one is a more wise option since they have certain similarities. Hence, this article on Suzuki Ertiga vs Honda Mobilio is here to help you have an overall look at these two products. 

Suzuki Ertiga vs Honda Mobilio: Preppy vs Sporty

Suzuki Ertiga Vs Honda Mobilio Philippines In Comparison

MPVs are vehicles capable of flexibly responding to customers’ needs, and they often offer spacious rooms with numerous features. Some might refer to an MPV as a midsize or full-size SUV that possesses a high capacity. Surprisingly, they also come at cheaper prices compared to pickup trucks.

In the case of Honda Mobilio vs Suzuki Ertiga, these two models meet the requirement of typical MPVs. With seven seats available, they are spacious enough to satisfy family-oriented customers and become popular in the Philippines. 

To help you better distinguish these two models, we would like to present the intense confrontation between Honda Mobilio vs Suzuki Ertiga Philippines.

Suzuki Ertiga vs Honda Mobilio: Dimension

Anyone who has viewed Suzuki Ertiga and Honda Mobilio Philippines standing next to each other would notice a huge difference in their appearances.

On the Suzuki side, they aim to put on the Ertiga an elegant look with attractive curves. Contributing to the look is a chrome diamond grille in the frontal view of the car. The reason for the name of the diamond grille is the many 3D embossed textures inside the car. In detail, this design illustrates Mercedes models such as Mercedes C300 AMG or GLC 300 AMG.

Completely different from Suzuki, Honda comes with a sporty style enhanced by a unique and attractive sense. Its smooth curves and two wavy lines on the Capo part emphasize its “wagon-like” look. Moreover, the headlights and the radiator grille further compliment Honda’s sporty style with an energetic highlight. 

Compared together, the two models hold little difference in size. The Suzuki Ertiga has a measurement of 4,395mm in length, 1,735mm in width, and 1,690mm in height. It also comes with a 2,740mm long wheelbase and a gap from the car to the ground of 180mm. 

With a slightly larger set of parameters, Honda Mobilio offers 4,398mm in length, 1,683mm in width, and 1,603mm in height. However, Honda’s wheelbase seems shorter at 2,652mm long. Though shorter than Suzuki, Honda owns a wider clearance from the ground of 189mm.

Overall, you can pick any of them as Suzuki Ertiga and Honda Mobilio are quite similar in size.

Suzuki Ertiga vs Honda Mobilio: Interior

suzuki ertiga vs honda mobilio philippines
Honda Mobilio’s fancy interior

As mentioned above, both models have seven seats, but the Honda Mobilio has a bigger cargo space of 223 liters, compared to 153 liters of the Suzuki Ertiga. Nevertheless, when we fold their third-row seating, it’s surprising that the Ertiga turns the table with 550 liters, whereas the Mobilio contains only 470 liters.

With that much cargo space, the two cars share some interior features such as sliding 2nd-row seats, fabric-covered seats, and cabin dome lights on the front and rear cabin. Moving forward to the operation gear, we can see a tachometer together with a speedometer attached to a digital information display. Furthermore, their top versions also provide a keyless system that integrates the push-to-start technology.

Though having many similarities, there are still some features that distinguish the two cars. Firstly, the Honda model possesses a rear window with a defogger feature that isn’t available in Suzuki Ertiga. This feature helps clear fog on the rear window, free drivers from blurry vision on foggy or even rainy days. Additionally, many customers prefer the steering wheel on the Ertiga for its elegant D-shaped to the round one on the Mobilio.

To deliver the best traveling experience, they contain several utilities such as four radio speakers, various cubby holes, and also many cup holders. Especially, the Ertiga GLX and Ertiga GL have two sockets at 12 volts, one in front and one for the 2nd row, while it’s only one on the Mobilio. 

Family vacations will be a lot more joyful with the touchscreen systems that display specifications and entertainment. The size of the touchscreen on the Ertiga GLX is 10 inches, quite greater than the Honda Mobilio’s 7-inch unit. Both touchscreens have offline navigation, AUX, USB, and Bluetooth connectivity. Except that the HDMI is only available on the Honda.

Suzuki Ertiga’s modern interior

Suzuki Ertiga vs Honda Mobilio: Engine & Performance

Underneath each car’s hood appears a mill with 1.5-liter capability. The Honda Mobilio’s mill is an i-VTEC, inline-4 SOHC. Specifically, it powers the car by sending 117 HP and also 145 Nm of torque through either a continuously variable transmission or a 5-speed manual to the front wheels. 

Whereas the K15B only produces 103 HP with 138 Nm of torque for the Ertiga. It’s also through a 4-speed automatic or a 5-speed manual that transmits the power to the front wheels.

If you want a stronger car, then the Honda Mobilio is the best choice. 

The Honda Mobilio’s engine might be powerful, but it also offers an energy-saving solution. Out of the two gearbox choices, the familiar big box with a 6-speed manual will help drivers save fuel and give them a real sense of feeling. Another option of the CVT gearbox is for those who love the refreshing, comfortable feeling when holding the steering wheel.

On the other hand, the Ertiga offers an incredible fuel-saving engine which only consumes 6.1L per 100km. 

Though having a weaker engine than the Mobilio, the Suzuki Ertiga still scores a point ahead for having such a reliable engine that can save much fuel.

Suzuki Ertiga vs Honda Mobilio: Safety

When choosing a car, safety measurements might be one of the top priorities of customers, especially for families. As expected, Honda Mobilio and Suzuki Ertiga have all the safety equipment of a normal vehicle. They have two front airbags, an anti-lock brake, an electronic brake EBD, ISOFIX, an engine mobilizer, rear parking sensors, and an alarm.

Besides, Honda Mobilio also comes with some other convenient safety gear. The two assistants of hill start and the vehicle stability will be of great help for weak drivers. Also, it’s much safer with speed sensing door locks and electronic door locks.

Obviously, with so many more safety features, Honda Mobilio would be a secure solution for new drivers and families.

Suzuki Ertiga vs Honda Mobilio: Price & Variants

The Suzuki Ertiga offers many variants with prices ranging from 738.000 PHP to 993.000 PHP. The four cheapest variants come in Black Edition, while the others are the Upgrade versions. 

Though having fewer variants than the Ertiga, the Honda Mobilio’s price is more expensive. It’s 895.000 PHP for the cheapest model and 1.085.000 for the fully-equipped Honda Mobilio Price 1.5 RS Navi CVT.

Suzuki Ertiga vs Honda Mobilio: Conclusion

An MPV is one of the best investments that families should consider. In the Suzuki Ertiga vs Honda Mobilio comparison above, it’s clear that both models possess plenty of functional features and utilities. In particular, we would like to recommend the Suzuki Ertiga for its affordable price and fuel-saving solution. However, if you prefer a more secured vehicle and are willing to pay the price, then the Honda Mobilio Price 1.5 RS Navi CVT might be the best choice for you.

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