March 28, 2023


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A Complete Guide On Kymco KRV 180 Price Philippines


The KRV 180 2022 motorcycle was introduced by the Taiwanese company Kymco. It is the strongest scooter in its class. But is it suitable for Filippinos’ daily demands? Continue scrolling down this blog on Kymco KRV 180 price Philippines to discover all the information about its specs, price, etc.

Kymco KRV 180 Overview

The Kymco KRV 180 is the company’s entry-level maxi-scooter. Kymco is a two-wheeler company located in Taiwan. The most economical maxi-scooter available from Kymco for the Philippines two-wheeler market is the DDS version with a sub-200cc engine. 

The more expensive model of the scooter is the Kymco KRV 180i TCS, which comes in four distinct color choices: Ether Black, Indigo Sea Blue, Thundershock Purple, and Snow Peak Silver.

Kymco KRV 180 Review


The Kymco KRV 180 is among the best-looking entry-level maxi-scooters in the industry right now in terms of attractive appearance. It has stylish body panels, bringing a considerably sharper appearance. 

This vehicle is bigger than other 150 to 180cc big scooters on the market and has a more imposing appearance. It comes standard with handlebar ends, levers coated in silver, a 25-liter seat storage area, and keyless ignition.

The front apron of the Kymco KRV 180 is a highly angular and forceful appearance, and it features two sizable LED headlamps that extend upward from the upper corners. These headlights have brief, slender passageways that give the impression that the scooter has a pointed chin. 

The Kymco KRV 180 is among the most useful entry-level maxi-scooters in the nation because its flat floorboard provides greater utility than those with center spines. The Kymco KRV 180’s side body panels feature a dual-tone appeal and a sporty appearance.

The scooter also has split pillion grab rails, five-spoke alloy wheels, and a radiator that is discretely placed between the single-sided exhaust pipe with a silver tip.

A huge, protruding visor is placed in the middle of the front apron’s upper section, which is coated in matte black plastic above the headlights. Just below this visor are two stylish, V-shaped air vents. When seen from the front, the scooter appears even larger because of the sharp-looking side expansion panels that surround the front apron.

The Kymco KRV 180’s back has a dynamic appearance thanks to its high-rise tail section and split-theme LED tail light at the top of the rear portion. The scooter’s tail profile also features a small tail part with LED turn signals and a suitably curved tire hugger over the back wheel.

Engine & Fuel Consumption

Its SOHC, 175.1cc, 4-Stroke engine, which has a 4V liquid cooling system, provides power, ensuring a seamless and efficient ride. The fuel injection technology, which doesn’t put a strain on the riders’ wallets, is another advantageous feature that saves a lot of petrol.

About Kymco KRV 180 top speed, the engine mentioned above produces a maximum torque of 15.68 Nm and 12.5 kW of power. An electric start system with enough engine power guarantees a speedy and comfortable riding experience. The power plant operates with the Constantly Variable Transmission (CVT). Moreover, Kymco KRV 180 fuel consumption for the long-distance ride is approximately 30.6km/L.

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Despite having a modest engine, the Kymco KRV 180 looks like a substantial, large scooter. The Kymco KRV 180 is equipped with safety amenities like traction control and dual-channel ABS to ensure that it feels secure on both lengthy highways and city streets. Additionally, it has two USB charging connections with two slots.

Kymco KRV 180 Price

In Manila, the on-road cost of a standard Kymco KRV 180i DDS is PHP 168,800, and it is PHP 189,900 for a standard Kymco KRV 180i TCS. For the best discounts, visit your local Kymco retailer in your city. Read this part for the detailed Kymco KRV 180 price and Kymco KRV 180 price Philippines installment.

VariantKymco KRV 180i DDS StandardKymco KRV 180i TCS Standard
Downpayment25% (₱33,760)25% (₱37,980)
Tenure (Year)33
Amount Financed₱135,040₱151,920


That’s the end of our post on Kymco KRV 180 price Philippines. To sum up, the Kymco KRV build quality may not be as high-quality as it appears from a distance, and it may not feel as expensive up close. Nevertheless, the scooter’s vivacious riding experience, comfortable ride, and stunning appearance increase its value.

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