January 28, 2023


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Comparing Items Today: Hyundai Reina Vs Accent

hyundai reina vs accent

Hyundai has long been one of the top brands in the motor segment with numerous excellent models. The brand always tries its best to fulfill customer’s needs, making it difficult to choose between models. Among its fantastic models, Hyundai Reina and Accent are two popular models that many customers have trouble deciding to purchase. Let’s follow this article to better view about Hyundai Reina vs Accent and make your decision the wisest one ever.

Hyundai Reina Vs Accent Specs Comparison


Apparently, the car’s appearance is the first thing that attracts us at first glance. Some might prefer a big and aggressive car, and some would rather choose a delicate small car according to their needs and interests.

Here we provide you with some technical figures of a Hyundai Accent: 4,440 mm in length, 1,729 mm in width, and 1,475 mm in height.

hyundai accent 2022 philippines
Hyundai Accent 2022 Philippines

How about a Hyundai Reina? Its description is also impressive with 4,300 mm of length, 1705 mm of width, and 1,460 mm of the car height.

Overall, we’ll give Hyundai 1 plus point for the spacious size. Because of the height difference, the Hyundai Accent is a more comfortable vehicle with a larger space. Thus, Accent wins a vantage point in three figures of basic sizes.

Interior Features

Let’s open the car door and look inside. Having enough space for five people, Accent and Reina give passengers a comfortable feeling while sitting in the car.    

The first item inside the car that we would like to put into comparison is the ventilation system. The producer equips Accent cars with an AC aboard with the rear vents, while the Reina car does not support this feature. Nevertheless, Hyundai Reina has a 12-volt power supplier, which is not available for Accent.

hyundai accent interior
Hyundai Accent interior

Secondly, Hyundai Reina offers an AVN touchscreen that drivers can connect to through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. One point that makes users adore the product streams of the Hyundai Reina model is that it comes with offline navigation. Also, the technology in Accent is less modern than its opponent, but the producer still creates a 3.8-inch screen with a radio for drivers and passengers. Both Hyundai models in this post are also available with a full set of four-piece speakers.

Regarding cargo storage, the Accent car has an advantage with a big trunk capacity, and the trunk is 388-liters. Surprisingly, the Reina supplies more capacity of up to 475-liters, although it is a small car. The luggage capacity scores Hyundai Reina a goal ahead of Accent.

Engine And Operation

There is no significant difference between Hyundai Reina vs Accent regarding engine and operation, as both have halogen headlights and LED taillights but don’t include fog lights. However, there are still some aspects that we would like to discuss.

Starting off with their engine features, a 1.4-liter inline-4 gasoline mill powers Hyundai Accent by creating 100 HP and 132 Nm of torque. The wheels then receive the force through a six-speed manual delivery. However, the Reina model is not as strong as the Hyundai Accent when its engine only makes 94 HP at maximum and 132 Nm of torque. The front wheels also receive the force from a four-speed automatic delivery, instead of using the six-speed manual kind that the Accent uses. 

Both models use a kind of strut called MacPherson for the front and a torsion beam axle for the backward regarding their suspensions and brakes. Besides, Accent and Reina give you the same solid disc for front brakes and drum brake setup for the rear.

To sum up, although both create the same torque, it’s clear that Accent makes stronger energy.


Fancy exterior and powerful engine seem satisfying, but safety is also one of the most crucial features when choosing cars. Specifically, the Accent is not very beneficial as it doesn’t support airbags and only gives you belts and a strong frame with a high-tensile quality. This model doesn’t have safety equipment such as active safety details or the braking having anti-lock features.

Contrary to the design of Accent, the Reina is safer when its equipment comes with airbags for two front seats, an anti-lock for the brake, and ISOFIX. Hence, Reina will become one of the best choices for keeping safe for your children.

Hyundai Reina vs Accent Price Comparison

Let’s find out the budget for purchasing the most suitable model for you.

You can reference some branched models of Hyundai Accent as some examples below:

  • Hyundai Accent GL 1.4 MT (w/o Airbags): ₱790,000
  • Hyundai Accent GL 1.4 MT: ₱838,000
  • Hyundai Accent GL 1.4 AT (w/o Airbags): ₱838,000
  • Hyundai Accent GL 1.4 AT: ₱890,000
  • Hyundai Accent GL 1.6 CRDi MT: ₱910,000
  • Hyundai Accent GL 1.6 CRDi AT: ₱1,038,000

Meanwhile,  a Hyundai Reina is more affordable because the price is a lot cheaper. In general, the price will get the fluctuation from ₱683,000 to ₱733,000 as details:

  • Hyundai Reina GL 1.4 MT: ₱663,000
  • Hyundai Reina GL 1.4 AT: ₱713,000
  • Hyundai Reina GL 1.4 MT (w/ Apple CarPlay/Android Auto): ₱713,000
  • Hyundai Reina GL 1.4 AT (w/ Apple CarPlay/Android Auto): ₱763,000
hyundai reina Philippines
Hyundai Reina Philippines

Quick Rundown of Hyundai Reina


  • Larger and more comfortable
  • Interior and exterior improvements
  • Modern equipment with a touchscreen
  • Larger cargo area


  • Fewer functions such as a music system or a climate control system

Hyundai Accent

  • Comfortable
  • Reduce shake on rough roads with MacPherson Strut with Stabilizer and Coupled Torsion Beam Axle
  • Big cargo storage

Quick Rundown of Hyundai Accent


  • Comfortable
  • Reduce shake on rough roads with MacPherson Strut with Stabilizer and Coupled Torsion Beam Axle
  • Big cargo storage


  • Fewer functions such as an entertainment system or a climate control system
  • Uncomfortable backward seats

Conclusion: Hyundai Reina vs Accent, Which Is Better?

hyundai reina vs hyundai accent
Hyundai Reina vs Hyundai Accent

The Hyundai brand has been enhancing its technology to give high-quality products to customers, where Hyundai Reina and Hyundai Accent are two popular examples. Based on our comparison of Hyundai Reina vs Accent, we would recommend Hyundai Reina over Hyundai Accent for a more comfortable experience. Regardless of what you choose, Hyundai Reina or Hyundai Accent, we are sure that they can bring you the best experience.

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