January 28, 2023


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Compare the difference Hyundai Grand i10 vs Suzuki Swift

Small car models are always preferred by many families because of their ability to move flexibly in urban areas. If buying a car for the first time, should you buy a Hyundai Grand i10 or Suzuki Swift? The article comparing the Hyundai Grand i10 vs Suzuki Swift below will help you get the most suitable choice.

Compare the exterior of the Hyundai Grand i10 vs Suzuki Swift

Hyundai Grand i10 specs have overall dimensions of 3,995 x 1,660 x 1,505 mm, wheelbase 2,425 mm, ground clearance 152 mm. As for the Suzuki Swift specs, the corresponding parameters are 3,840 x 1,735 x 1,495 mm; 2,450 mm and 120 mm. The Hyundai Grand i10 has a better length, height, and ground clearance than the competition. In return, the wheelbase and width of Swift are slightly better than i10. Hyundai Grand i10 dimensions are somewhat larger than Suzuki Swift. However, Suzuki Swift engine specs are more appreciated.

Therefore, the same two cars are geared towards urban travel needs, but Swift will have a more comfortable and airy interior space than the competition. Both i10 and Swift have a more impressive makeover appearance than the old generation. In particular, the Grand i10 has made an important step forward when applying the design language “flow sculpture”, to the European-style “supermini” model.

The appearance of the i10 stands out with its strong trapezoidal grille design, the appearance of the corners on the entire body has now been given a new look with a rounded design combined with prominent veins. extremely powerful.

And Suzuki Swift conquers users with a youthful and fashionable appearance. The front of the car with a lot of subtle design details creates a pitiful look thanks to the large hexagonal grille.

Suzuki Swift owns LED Projector headlights with automatic light sensing functions and the ability to balance the projection angle combined with outstanding LED daytime running lights. Below is the appearance of a cluster of fog lights located in a beautifully stretched black air cavity. The i10 is still equipped with LED daytime running lights and fog lights, but the i10’s headlights only use traditional halogen.

Compare the exterior of Hyundai Grand i10 vs Suzuki Swift

Compare the interior Hyundai Grand i10 vs Suzuki Swift

Hyundai Grand i10 has a luxurious interior compartment with leather seats combined with felt material, while the opponent is only covered with felt. In the design of the steering wheel, although both models are equipped with a leather-wrapped steering wheel with integrated audio control keys, Swift’s steering wheel is more modern when it is equipped with both cruise control keys and free conversation. very comfortable hands.

Hyundai i10 is positioned in the A segment, but the i10 has a comfortable cabin space with an extended size to give passengers comfort. The significant change in size has helped expand the luggage compartment volume of the Hyundai i10 by 10%.

However, because the wheelbase of the i10 is smaller than that of the Suzuki Swift, the interior space of Swift still brings comfort and overwhelms the competition despite the fact that Swift’s car length is inferior to the i10.

The i10 has a separate layout of clock clusters with the highlight of the speedometer. When sitting in the car, you will never get bored because the i10 is equipped with an entertainment system including AM/FM, MP3 player, AUX/USB/Bluetooth connection, and CD player. But unfortunately, the sound system on the i10 has only 4 speakers while the opponent has up to 6 speakers.

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Not only that, the interior comfort of Swift is not inferior to the competition because it possesses many impressive technologies such as Start / Stop button, a 7-inch multimedia touch screen, and CD player. , MP3, WMA, USB, Bluetooth hands-free calling, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, 6 speakers…

Compare the interior Hyundai Grand i10 vs Suzuki Swift

Performance comparison Hyundai Grand i10 vs Suzuki Swift

Both the Hyundai Grand i10 and Suzuki Swift use 1.2L gasoline engines, 4 cylinders, and 16 Valves. The i10’s maximum power and maximum torque are 87 hp at 6000 rpm and 120 Nm at 4000 rpm, respectively. Meanwhile, Suzuki Swift is somewhat worse off with only 83 hp at 6000 rpm and 113 Nm at 4200 rpm.

But in return, Swift uses a CVT gearbox that has a lot of similarities with the way scooters operate. In particular, the CVT gearbox provides optimal fuel economy and helps the vehicle operate more stable than a conventional gear transmission.

Thanks to the use of thick tires with parameters 185/55R16, Swift can cross the “potholes” smoothly. Unfortunately, Swift will face a big obstacle because the chassis is only 120 mm high, which is not an impressive number when compared to the Hyundai Grand i10 with a ground clearance of up to 152 mm.

Besides, in the Philippines market, the Swift Suzuki price is also slightly larger than the Hyundai Grand i10. However, everything equipped on these two models is not too different.

Performance comparison Hyundai Grand i10 vs Suzuki Swift

Hopefully the sharing about comparing Hyundai Grand i10 vs Suzuki Swift will help you distinguish these two models. You can rely on your needs to find a car that is most suitable for you.

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