January 28, 2023


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Hyundai Getz Review Philippines: What makes the Getz great

Thanks to the Getz, the Hyundai brand was known more and widely in the Australian car market in the early 2000s, and in 2005 the half of the cars which Hyundai sold were Getz with different models. To know why Hyundai Getz can get that impressive results, let’s jump straight into the Hyundai Getz Philippines review below.

hyundai getz review philippines
Hyundai Getz Philippines


Hyundai Getz was manufactured and sold by Hyundai from 2002 to 2011. Getz was abbreviated from the phrase “GET IT” with the meaning “achieved by desirability.” This is a meaningful name, and all products with a meaningful message will attract more people.

Hyundai Getz had another name in different countries, such as Hyundai Click in Korea, Hyundai TB in Japan, Getz Prime in India, Inokom Getz in Malaysia, and Dodge Brisa Venezuela.

The Getz was sold in many countries globally (except Canada, the United States, and China).

It was innovated year by year by Hyundai engineers. But in 2011, Hyundai stopped manufacturing and replaced the Getz with Hyundai Grand I10.

No model car can last forever. But Hyundai Getz Philippines had done its mission very well when it was purchased.


From 2002 to 2011, Hyundai Getz got some awards, such as Budget car champion on the UK motoring program Fifth Gear in 2003; and 2005; Scottish Small Car of the Year award in 2003; Denmark’s Best Seller of 2003 award, Getz is the car of the year 2005 the Transport for London Private Sector Award in 2006

It could get many awards because it had many impressive features. Now we will find out what the remarkable features are.

Hyundai Getz Review Philippines Exterior And Interior

Although an Asia brand manufactured the Hyundai Getz Philippines, it was designed by European engineers at Hyundai center in Frankfurt, Germany. Therefore, its shape looks modern, dynamic, and the same as a European hatchback. At that time, this feature attracted the buyer very much.

Looking at the Getz’s dimensions: length 3,810mm (2002 – 2005 model), 3,825mm (2005 – 2011), Width 1,665mm, Height 1490mm, we can realize that Hyundai Getz’s space is more widely than other cars of the same segmentation. The passengers who are behind the seat don’t feel cramped anymore. When you fold the seat to create a storage compartment, you will be amazed at its capacity. A Getz car can contain one bicycle in it.

hyundai getz review philippines
Hyundai Getz Spacious Storage Area

One feature of this model that is not appreciated is the interior. This car is equipped simply: only one airbag for the driver, the low-quality sound system, the seat’s material is felt.

This weak point exists because of its cost. The amount of money you pay to buy this car is not high. So you shouldn’t expect everything to be perfect.


For the convenience of reading Hyundai Getz review Philippines’s Engine, let’s look at the table below

ModelNumber of CylinderPowerPower per literTorqueEngine displacement
1.6 MPI4[email protected]65.9Hp/l[email protected]1594cm3
1.5CRDi3 – 4[email protected]54.9Hp/l[email protected]1493cm3
1.4i 16V4[email protected]69.3Hp/l[email protected]1399cm3
1.3 MPI4[email protected]61.1Hp/l[email protected]1341cm3

Generally, Getz’s engine is not strong. It is entirely suitable for going to the city. Anyone who likes traveling long distances or exploring the highland has to notice this feature.

Fuel Consumption

The vehicle’s fuel consumption is also relatively small, only from 8 – 11km/l (city), 9-13 km/l (highway)

This fuel consumption impresses the buyer, which is one of the attractive points that helps the Getz and Hyundai brand be known more widely.


With the impressive feature listed above, a Hyundai Getz attracts three kinds of buyers.

The woman and the person who start driving: Getz is a small car, so it is easy to drive and park in public parking.

People with average income: when you choose to buy a Hyundai Getz Philippines, you don’t have to spend too much money. Moreover, you are not worried about fuel costs. Getz operates stably, if it breaks down, it is easy to find car parts to replace and repairing costs will not be high.

hyundai getz review philippines
A perfect choice for crowded parking

With the number of cars sold, Hyundai Getz has made an impression in the car market. With a wide cabin, attractive shape, low buying cost, economical fuel consumption, it is difficult for you to find another car to buy with the same amount of money. Therefore, Getz has conquered the consumers because of many strong points. Buyers also accept the weak points easily. Hope that this Hyundai Getz review Philippines will help you understand the Hyundai Getz Philippines more clearly and choose a suitable car for you.

FAQs About Hyundai Getz Philippines

Do they still make Hyundai Getz?

No, they don’t. They stopped manufacturing Hyundai Getz in 2011.

Is Hyundai Getz fuel efficient?

Yes, it is very efficient. Therefore, it attracted buyers and helped the Hyundai brand was known more and widely in the Australian car market in the early 2000s.

How much is a used Hyundai Getz in the Philippines? Its cost is from ₱160.000 to ₱200.000. Depending on the year model, the number of kilometers traveled.

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