January 28, 2023


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Hyundai Accent Or Toyota Vios 2021? A Quick Rundown Comparison

Although Hyundai Accent and Toyota Vios have many similarities, they also have many variations depending on many factors. Both of these cars are as popular as taxis in the current Philippines market, and they are the best-selling brands due to their low prices. Then is it better to buy a Hyundai Accent or Toyota Vios? If you are having trouble deciding between the two, this article is for you!

Hyundai Accent vs Toyota Vios 2021: Dimensions And Exterior

 Hyundai Accent Toyota Vios
Length (mm)4,4404,425
Width (mm)1,7291,730
Height (mm)1,4751,475
Wheelbase (mm)2,6002,550
Cargo Volume465478

Via the table above, we conclude that the Vios is only a few millimeters wider than the Accent, and there is not much difference in size between the two cars in general. 

However, many experts and customers acknowledge that the Toyota Vios has a more attractive and dynamic exterior design with larger wheels than the other. Even the fog lights or rear spoiler of the Vios are also decorated better and more beautifully. Meanwhile, the Accent in sedan form is also appealing, but it is more conservative than Hyundai’s Fluidic design.

Hyundai Accent vs Toyota Vios 2021

Hyundai Accent 2021 vs Toyota Vios 2021: Interior

In terms of the interior, all versions of the Toyota Vios (except 1.3 MT) have touch screens under the B-Sedan segment’s standards. Furthermore, the Vios has better USB, AUX ports, Bluetooth connectivity, AM / FM radio, a hands-free calling app, and better audio entertainment than the Hyundai Accent variants.  Meanwhile, the new Hyundai Accent has only a 3.8-inch LCD radio. Therefore, the victory seems to belong to the Vios in terms of interior design.

A picture of the 2019 Toyota Vios's interior

The 2019 Hyundai Accent's interior
Toyota Vios interior vs. Hyundai Accent interior

This interior features list of Vios and Accent below will clarify more about their difference. The representations for the two models are Accent Sedan 1.6 GL 2019 and Vios 1.5 G Prime 2019.

FeatureHyundai Accent GLToyota Vios G Prime
Cruise Control
Front Parking Sensors
Rear Parking Sensors
Leather Upholstery
Push Start ButtonAvailable
Air Conditioning SystemManual Temperature ControlAutomatic Climate Control
Entertainment System3.8’ LCD Display Radio + RDS 2 DIN- CD/MP3- 2 Speakers
ConnectivityAUX and USBAux, Bluetooth, USB, and WebLink for iOS and Android
Navigation Ready
Power SteeringYesYes
Power WindowsYesYes
Power Outlet
Steering Wheel Audio ControlAvailable

Hyundai Accent Vs Toyota Vios Fuel Consumption Engine & Performance

Although Vios prevailed in other parameters, it isn’t the winner in this category. Find out why here!

Accent owns a 1.4-liter engine with the same capacity as the 1.3-liter Vios engine. Additionally, the Accent’s 1.6-liter diesel engine with 128 hp and 260 nm of torque is much more potent than the Vios engine. Meanwhile, the Vios with the 1.5-liner variant produces only about 106 hp and 140 nm of torque.

The Hyundai Accent is becoming the leading model in the Sedan B segment in the Philippines market when mentioning both raw accelerations to weight ratios and power to peso ratio.

Another point also caught attention: Toyota Vios 202021 suddenly switched from a traditional automatic transmission to a CVT, which received many consumer disagreements.

 Toyota ViosHyundai Accent
Engine size1.5L1.4 L
Displacement1,497 cc1,368 cc
Number of Cylinders44
Number of Valves1616
Transmission Type5-Speed Manual or CVT6-Speed Manual or 6-speed automatic
PowertrainFront-Wheel DriveFront-Wheel Drive
Max Output (HP)106100
Max Torque (Nm)140132
Fuel TypeGasolineGasoline
Fuel Capacity42 L45 L

Hyundai Accent Diesel Sedan Vs Toyota Vios: Safety Features

Although you are the one who prioritizes the above parameters to compare the Hyundai Accent and Toyota Vios, you still need to pay attention to the safety aspect of them.

The Toyota Vios 2021 has a total of 7 airbags, including dual front airbags, side airbags, curtain airbags, and knee airbags. This feature can be considered an impressive improvement in Toyota’s safety system.

Meanwhile, the Hyundai Accent 2021 has absolutely no airbags, but the lower price can tempt many customers. Please ask yourself first, does this make you feel secure while driving?

On the other hand, the top Accent variants don’t have anti-lock braking, EBD, or stability control, but these features are now available on the Toyota Vios 2019 1.3 MT.

Hyundai Accent vs. Toyota Vios

Hyundai Accent Vs Toyota Vios: Variants & Price

Next is the price section; we will list the latest Hyundai Accent and Toyota Vios variants shortly as the table below. Let’s check out!

Toyota Vios VariantsPrice
Toyota Vios 1.3 E MTPhp 831,000
Toyota Vios 1.3 E CVTPhp 881,000
Toyota Vios 1.3 E Prime MTPhp 886,000
Toyota Vios 1.3 E Prime CVTPhp 936,000
Toyota Vios 1.5 G MTPhp 984,000
Toyota Vios 1.5 G CVTPhp 1.04 Million
Toyota Vios 1.5 G Prime CVTPhp 1.1 Million
Hyundai Accent VariantsPrice
Hyundai Accent 1.4 GL MT w/o AirbagsPhp 790,000
Hyundai Accent 1.4 GL AT w/o AirbagsPhp 838,000
Hyundai Accent 1.4 GL MTPhp 898,000
Hyundai Accent 1.4 GL ATPhp 970,000
Hyundai Accent 1.6 CRDi MTPhp 910,000
Hyundai Accent 1.6 CRDi MTPhp 1.04 Million

Hyundai Accent Diesel Vs Toyota Vios: In A Nutshell

The Hyundai Accent variants seem cheaper than the base Vios models, but it seems like the Toyota Vios offers more value for the money you spend. It would be best if you choose the Vios as commercial or family vehicles. However, at this point, as you have read all the details about both the vehicles, we hope you have figured out which one suits your more, Hyundai Accent Or Toyota Vios.