January 28, 2023


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Honda Genio Price Philippines – A Cheap Motorbike For The Young


Genio 2022 is an imported car that many customers love, compact in design but still youthful and sporty. The price of the Honda Genio 2022 is extremely reasonable; the sporty design is aimed at young male and female customers, suitable for moving to the city. In this article, we will show you in detail about Honda Genio Price Philippines.

Honda Genio Specs

Honda Genio 2022
Dimensions1869 x 1061 x 692 mm
Wheelbase1256 mm
Ground clearance147 mm
Displacement110 cc
Fuel tank capacity4.2 L
Fuel typeGasoline
EngineSingle Cylinder, 4-Stroke, SOHC Air Cooled Engine
Gear boxVariable Speed
Maximum power8.85
Maximum torque9.3 Nm

Honda Genio Price Philippines

Honda Genio has only one version at a cheap price. You can look at this table to know more!

VariantsPrice in 2022
Honda Genio StandardPhp 72,900

Honda Genio Review


Genio 2022 possesses many similarities with BeAT and Scoopy. The front of the car bears the bold design language of Scoopy with large full LED reflectors designed in clean lines. The turn signal system is placed symmetrically on both sides with a large size for a harmonious overall front end.

Moreover, the Genio 2022 scooter applies a unique front headlight design with a sharp headlight cluster and large turn signals. Otherwise, the main highlight is that this scooter model has been used with LED headlights to increase the lighting for safer drivers in different operating conditions.

The wheels have a sporty design with a Y-shape; the wheel has been improved to 14 inches to increase stability on the road when moving. Below, the exhaust pipe and muffler are neatly designed by the manufacturer with angular lines, bold and sporty.

In addition, the small scooter is designed in various colors with many choices for users. Specifically, Honda Genio white is the most popular color that many customers choose to buy.

Technology And Safety Features

Honda Genio 2022 uses a colorless LCD clock cluster with a round design that brings classic beauty but creates a modern look with convenient functions such as travel speed, gas alarm, and speed. 

Genio integrates a set of switch shackles with a sporty design that integrates many necessary functions such as trumpet, starter, and signal. However, this Genio model will not have a light switch when the key is turned on; the damper light will light up, and the engine will automatically open the Cos light.

The car has a flat saddle design with wide legroom and straight handlebars, targeted at customers who travel mainly on urban roads. So the combination of these factors gives a comfortable sitting posture and a luxurious and sophisticated sitting position when driving the car.

The utility trunk with a large volume of up to 14 liters is integrated with a USB charging port so that users can charge their phones when needed.

Engine & Fuel Consumption

As a cheap scooter model, what makes it so popular with many users in the market is that it owns a 110cc engine block similar to the new generation Honda Scoopy. The new Honda Genio has a capacity of 9 hp at 7,500 rpm and 9.3 Nm of torque at 5,500 pm. In addition, Honda has also equipped Genio scooters with a new generation ACG starter to help the car start more smoothly.

Honda Genio Versus Competitors

Honda Vision

Genio 2022 is considered to be ‘shared’ with Honda Vision at a cheap price. With different design languages, it seems that the two models are aimed at different customers. While the Vision aims for elegance, the Genio impresses with its retro look.

Both models use the eSAF chassis system with disc brakes at the front with drum brakes at the rear. In terms of engine power, these two cars are similar thanks to their 4-stroke, 110cc, 2-valve single-cylinder engine and air-cooled.

However, Genio is also appreciated for its modern and comfortable equipment. But when it comes to brand, the popularity of Honda Vision is much better than Genio.

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Honda Scoopy

Honda Scoopy small scooter model is said to be the desire of many people. Although it is a popular scooter, Scoopy has much modern equipment of high-class type.

Typical among them is the car’s front and rear lighting system of LED type the car has a smart key system to help the driver operate safer and more conveniently. In addition, the Answer Back System feedback system makes finding the vehicle very useful, while the SKS security system makes the vehicle safer.

The car also has a front storage compartment and a USB charger to help charge small electronic devices such as mobile phones. Additionally, the storage compartment under the seat is 15.4 liters wide. Combined brake system CBS and ISS system help the car operate safely and save fuel.


After reading this article about Honda Genio price Philippines, we hope you will buy a suitable bike. Genio is a popular fashion scooter aimed at young people with outstanding advantages such as a neat body full of personality, a comfortable sitting feeling, and is suitable for long trips. In addition, Honda Genio fuel consumption is one of the indispensable factors.

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