January 28, 2023


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Honda City Vs Toyota Vios Maintenance Cost Philippines Review: The Best Option For You!

General Intro

How can you determine the Honda City Vs Toyota Vios maintenance cost the Philippines? You need to understand both the vehicles

One of the most competitive segments in the car industry today, especially in the Philippines, is the B-Sedan segment. Every leading¬†automaker in the country has products that are specific to you from that segment and will meet every customer’s preferences, criteria, and requirements.

However, for a long time, Japanese brands created the most popular model, and Toyota and Honda dominated among them. Therefore, in this comparison article, the sedans of these two car manufacturers are focused on the B segment. Both are segment leads from past times and even growing up today in the Sedan market.

Toyota’s representative is the Vios. The market leader is known for its versatility, reliability, and robustness.

Toyota Vios
Toyota Vios
Honda City
Honda City

However, there is one thing that everyone is interested in when choosing cars now, which can be said to be the top criterion for evaluating a win for a competitor, which is the cost of maintenance. Particularly, between Honda City vs Toyota Vios maintenance cost in the Philippines, we will invite you to read through this review now to make the optimal choice! 

Comparison Detailed: Honda City Vs Toyota Vios Philippines

Honda City Versus Vios in the Philippines

As shown in the above table, the Honda City’s wheelbase and length are considerably longer. With respect to the width, the Vios is somewhat broader and the difference in the elbow to the side passenger compartment is 35 millimeters.

The disparity is expressed in the total length and wheelbase by the amount of freight that the town has in heaps without losing too much from a bearing for passengers. We’ll give the town the win for its cavernous trunk for this one.

But we will first suggest that it is completely up to you, but that the various lines of character and more sophisticated edges take the cake: in terms of style. The Vios, on the other hand, has a more conservative style, particularly when it comes to modern automotive design. However, that’s our view.

Inner Toyota Vios vs. Honda City

The two Japanese-made cars look very different from the interior.

At the Vios, AC winds are located at the base, while the information system is positioned at the top of the city. And, although the location of other components is identical, the City does not have the Vios spinning dials but a series of soft-touch controls for the AC.

Toyota Vios interior
Toyota Vios interior

The Honda City also has more speakers in the rear passenger cabin and two more. And then, the Honda City is pressed to launch.

The legroom is almost the same as the back seats on the two sedans. But the Honda City interior is dancer and technology better than what the Vios does thanks to the drive to start up and the soft-touch AC controls.

Honda City interior
Honda City interior

In general, the two sedans have outstanding interior designs that provide their passengers with a lot of luxury. However, the Honda City has just more in terms of on-board infrastructure.

City vs. Vios: Engine & Power

Both Honda City models feature a 1.5-liter inline-4 standard, while the Vios has two motor options, one 1.3 and one 1.5. While 1,5 inline-4 in the city will produce 118 horsepower, 1.5 on the other side makes just 106 horsepower while 1.3 produces approximately 85 horsepower.

The City is thus much more powerful than the Vios in terms of production.

Toyota Vios engine
Toyota Vios engine
Honda City engine
Honda City engine

Toyota Vios Vs Honda City 2019: Safety And Security

Both the City and Vios have been covered with critical protection equipment.

Both are equipped with double-front airbags, an EBD lock warning, stability control, a hill-start aid, a motor immobile, and a safety alert. Yet the Toyota Vios overlooks the Honda City with its rim and its driver’s knee airbags. The Vios does not get the City fitted with cruise control and the rear car parking sensors at least for the highest trimming.

Whilst some people may like more in terms of on-board safety technology, such as the cruise control and parking sensors listed above, we’ll need to offer the Vios the one instead of more airbags. The latest ASEAN New Car Evaluation Program for Vios 2019, which actually took five stars, is mirrored.

Pricing: Philippine Toyota Vios Or Honda City?

The Toyota Vios has two different engine choices as we discussed earlier in the engine and output division: a 1.3 liter and a 1.5 liter. Php 831,000 is the most affordable Vios with a 1.3 liter of 98 horsepower, while Php 828,000 is the most affordable town with a 1.5 liter of 118 horsepower.

In contrast, the 1.5 edition of the Vios only produces 106 hours and the cheapest one is 108,000 Pesos above the cheapest town. So well, why we’ll send it to Honda City is obvious.

Honda City Vs Toyota Vios Maintenance Cost Philippines
Honda City Vs Toyota Vios Maintenance Cost Philippines


So do you have your choice yet: Honda City vs Toyota Vios maintenance cost in the Philippines?

In fact, it can be considered that Vios actually be used as a TNVS device or a taxi. In terms of price, it is also cheaper than the other competitor.

For the Honda City, in their line of development and distribution, Honda is not as in-biased to grow as a taxi. Instead, it is a specialized vehicle as a product for the aristocracy and luxury.

In summary, although the Honda City series is preferred as a personal vehicle for luxury passengers in general, many people still agree to give the Toyota Vios warrior a chance. Of course, every car focuses on durability and horsepower in its own development.

What we expect and the continuous development of cars in the future. It means that you also have more choices and of course, so does this article. We hope you have the best soldier!