March 28, 2023


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Honda Beat Price Philippines – Guidance In 2022


Honda Beat is catching many people’s eyes for its affordable price and colorful covers to choose from. However, is it a really good choice for you? Let’s read this post to find out the Honda beat price Philippines and its interior specifications!

Honda Beat price Philippines Finding a fine deal for you

New Honda Beat Price List 

There are three models for Honda Beat available in the meantime. The Honda Beat Street2022 costs 68,900 PHP, the same as the Fashion Sport model. Meanwhile, the Premium is more expensive at 71,900 PHP.

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Used Honda Beat Price List

For Used Honda Beat in the Philippines, the price varies from 30,000 PHP to 60,000 PHP. Based on the current market price, the highest deal for Honda Beat is 55,000 PHP, while the lowest price is only 36,500 PHP.

Honda Beat

Quick Honda Beat Review For New Users


From the first look, Honda Beat takes your impression for its light, trendy design. Besides, it always stands out from the crowd for the colorful cover. It is rare to find a motorbike model that offers orange, black, red, and blue. You are free to choose the Honda Beat colors to display your personal style.

Next, the second seat (back seat) is designed to be slightly higher than the front one. Personally, this is a great choice because it will help the back passenger to have broader sight, which other models cannot provide. Additionally, such a design provides more legroom for tall back seat passengers.


Let’s dive deeper into the interior of the scooter. Looking from the front, Honda Beat is equipped with a big headlamp and wedge-shaped turn signal with clear lens. On the upper side of the lamp are black-colored V-shaped appliques. 

In terms of the control panel, to be honest, it looks quite simple. The speedometer is analog-style, placed next to the rectangular orange-backlit MID panel. You can see the odometer and fuel gauge there. 

What about the power of the Honda Beat? Equipped with a single-cylinder, four-stroke, air-cooled fuel injection 110CC engine, the vehicle is powerful enough for the daily travel demands of urban, non-professional users.


Let us break down the specifications of the Honda Beat 2022 through the table below:

Seating capacity2
Height1068 mm
Wheelbase1256 mm
Weight93 kg
RPM at maximum power7500
EngineFuel injection, single cylinder, air-cooled engine
Fuel tank capacity4 liters
Honda Beat catches eyes for its trendy design

Safety & Technology 

For entry-level users, what they care about most is how safe they are when riding the vehicles. As for the Honda Beat, safety is not the problem. Equipped with the key shutter mechanism, an ignition keyhole, and disc brakes at the front and back, Beat is totally safe for you on the ride. For example, the front brake can help you decrease and coordinate the speed, making it more secure when riding.

Honda Beat FAQs

Is The Honda Beat A Good Car?

As for an entry-level scooter, Honda Beat is a good choice. In terms of power, it has a powerful enough motor for daily travel in urban limits, and the fuel injection system makes it fuel-efficient.

Next, the scooter is well designed with average weight and height, making it easy to control and react on the street. Personally, it looks quite cute, too. 

Additionally, if you are worried about safety while riding, then Beat serves you with a disc brake at the front and the key shutter mechanism for the ignition keyhole. 

That being said, the Honda Beat is a good car in its price range and target user group. We suggest giving it a try.

Is Honda Beat Fuel Injection?

Yes, it is. The Beat is designed with Honda’s most modern fuel injection (FI) system, making it fuel economically. Besides the outstanding, famous fuel-saving advantage of the FI technology, the Honda Beat is said to be jerk-free and more refined than the old models with Direct Injection (DI) engines.

Based on most statistics given when comparing DI and FI motors, the FI can produce energy with less heat than DI one; and the FI cylinder materials are also cheaper. However, the FI is slightly less powerful compared to DI. For example, the FI system can only produce 263 horsepower while the DI can make it to 304 horsepower maximum. 

In our opinion, this isn’t a big gap to be worried about, and also, urban riders don’t and can’t use that much power to ride the bike in crowded urban areas, so it is not that serious to think about.

Is Honda Beat A Suitable Vehicle For Female Users?

When women want to buy a motorbike, they are most concerned about the simplicity of control, convenience, and dimensions because, if the bike is too heavy, it is hard for women to use it or react when there is an incident.

So, let’s check out the dimensions of the Honda Beat. In terms of weight, it is 90.0 kg (198.4 pounds). The overall size is 1856mm in length, 1068 mm in height, and a wheelbase of 1256 mm. To be honest, this dimension is considered “average”, not too light but not too heavy. Women users can control it comfortably.

Used Honda Beat

How Much Weight Can A Honda Beat Carry?

The manufacturer has no exact weight capacity announcement, so we cannot guarantee a number here. However, the Honda Beat did have a seating capacity: 2 seats. Based on our real experience, most entry-level scooters like the Beat should carry less than 90kg/two people to reach their best efficiency.

Final thoughts

We have gone through a short overview of Honda Beat price Philippines and some questions related to this model. In general, this car is an affordable, modern, light motorbike with a large capacity. Personally, we think this is a good choice for women users. 

If you are planning to get a new motorbike, we hope that this article will help you make the right choice! If you have any question, feel free to comment below or contact with