January 28, 2023


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7 tips when you buy a first cars

Buying the first car is a challenging task for many people, especially those who are inexperienced with cars and engines. In this article, we will introduce 7 tips which you should know to buy a first car. Hopefully it could help you when searching for the perfect car model.

7 tips buy a first car

1. Know your needs

Before searching to buy a first car on the market, you need to ask yourself: “What car should I buy for my first car?” You need to determine which purpose you will use it for, going to work or study, or for traveling. It’s crucial to know what you want because every car type will perform well for a particular purpose.

2. Determine your budget

How much you will spend to buy a first car is the second tip to buy a car you should consider. If you have a large budget, there are numerous luxurious brands available in the Philippine market. In contrast, entry-level or city automobile brands with reasonable costs will be best suited for low budgets.

3. Find the reputable sources

Among the 7 tips buy car, finding a reputable place to buy automobiles is the next thing you need to do once you have your purpose and budget set. With the advancement of technology, a wide variety of online resources are available, including price lists, specifications, and the year of manufacturing. You can narrow down the options by filtering the price range and location which is most suitable for you. To prevent taking unnecessary risks, you should be careful to select trustworthy websites.

4. Consider for a loan

If your income is insufficient to allow you to buy a first car, the best option is applying for a loan. The car you’re intending to purchase can absolutely serve as collateral for the loan. Currently, banks and financial institutions offer a variety of loan packages with favorable interest rates; you can repay the principal and interest of this loan at a later date.

5. Check the car in person

As soon as you find the car you’re searching for, get in touch with the seller or dealer to check it in person. You should look over the vehicle’s paperwork and legal requirements if it’s a new one. Ask for a test drive if it’s a used automobile to see whether it’s the best choice for you after checking the engine and spare parts.

6. Ask for advice from an expert

Ask your parents, relatives, or friends for advice if you aren’t confident of your understanding when going to buy a first car. This person is knowledgeable about automobiles or has previously purchased a car. Your decision-making process for the ideal car will be greatly aided by their advice.

7. Decide to purchase the car

When you know which brand model is your choice and have enough budget for it, the final step is negotiation. Concentrate on the deal process and read the contract carefully. Make sure that you comprehend any finance and warranty agreements before you sign anything.

Top 3 best first cars for new drivers

Some car brands in the Philippines market are very suitable for newcomers, including the following models:

Kia Picanto

Kia Picanto is the small city car produced by the South Korean manufacturer – Kia. It offers a wide range of advanced equipment inside, with a moderate engine level suitable for new drivers. Kia Picanto has an affordable price with the warranty in 7 years/ 100,000 mile will keep your maintenance worries at ease.

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Hyundai I10

The Hyundai i10, which is only 3.67 meters long and 1.68 meters wide, combines a small exterior with a spacious interior that offers lots of space and flexibility, making it an excellent choice for beginning drivers to buy a first car. You will receive the brand’s five-year/unlimited-mileage guarantee as standard equipment regardless of which i10 you select.

Ford Fiesta

It is easy to understand why the Ford Fiesta is one of the most popular superminis on the road; it is affordably priced, well-designed, useful, and even enjoyable to drive. There are various versions available, but for a beginning driver, going with one of the less expensive models will likely be the best choice because it will still come with all the capabilities you’re likely to need in practice. The Fiesta has lane-keeping assistance, cruise control, an eight-inch touchscreen media system with Apple CarPlay, LED lighting, and air conditioning.


Buying the first car is an exciting experience as well as an obstacle challenge for all of us. Whether or not this experience is good will rely on how carefully you prepare and how well you implement the 7 tips buy a first car we just mentioned. Be a wise car buyer for your first car purchase!

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